Nominate a Candidate for the Hall of Fame

Any individual can be nominated for election to the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame if the individual:

1.) Meets the following requirements:

  • Was born in the State of Maryland or resided in the State of Maryland at the time of birth, or
  • Through their athletic achievements and significant contributions to their local communities and the State of Maryland, have earned the distinction, sole discretion of the Board, of becoming an "Adopted" Marylander. Earning this distinction requires the nominee to have lived in the State for at least 25 years.

2.) Has competed, as an athlete, in a recognized sports activity at one of the following levels of athletic competition:

  • Collegiate;
  • National;
  • International; or
  • Professional / Amateur.

3.) Has, in the determination of the Board of Directors, reached a level of achievement as an athlete which merits selection to the Hall of Fame provided that:

  • The individual has retired from active participation in the sport; or
  • Five years have elapsed since the individual's athletic achievements attained a level of greatness as determined by the Board of Directors
The deadline to submit a nomination for the class of 2024 is April 15, 2024.